Project 20K helps Islamic Education Center (IEC) secure financial support from its members every month to provide consistent services to the community. IEC encouraged all members to signup for Project 20K.

IEC has been providing religious and social services to the Houston area for the past thirty-five years. IEC encourages all the members to donate towards general funds to pay for regular expenses.

IEC collects and disburses the religious obligatory funds which include Sadaq, Zakat, Fitra, Khums, and Kafara.

Membership helps IEC to anticipate the future growth of the community in the Houston area. Membership becomes due on the First of every Muharram.

There are a number of initiatives and projects IEC has started over the years to provide different types of services to its members. IEC encourages the entire community to participate/donate towards these initiatives. To know more about those initiatives and project, please visit IEC services or click on “More Details”.