Mission Statement

Our intention is to quickly make you feel at home while informing you about the wide variety of programs, activities and services offered here. We sincerely hope that you will join and utilize the ideas and suggestions presented here to make the most of your senior years.

The Imam Jaffer-E-Sadiq Senior Citizens Club, located at Islamic Education Center Houston, Texas, is a seniors club intended to enhance the best third of senior’s lives. It promotes independence and provides a social atmosphere for seniors. It also provides caregiver relief and encourages volunteering among members.

Senior Citizens’ Club is comprised of seniors, ages 55 and older, residing primarily in greater Houston area.

The club meets on the second Sunday of each month at the Main Dining Hall in IEC.

In addition to friendship and camaraderie, the members enjoy social get-togethers, visit Parks, play games, host guest speakers, and have fun together at parties, outings and luncheons throughout the year.

Members pay $5 annual dues when joining and then in January of each New Year.
$1.00 attendance fee per meeting. Hot tea/Cold Drink and snack served at the meetings and provided by the membership.

Some items of interest to be included in near future on this site are:

  • Club address and hours of operation
  • By laws
  • A listing of Regular Club Activities
  • An activities contact list
  • A listing of Dates to Remember in Special Events
  • Various Club Services available
  • A contact page so you can get in touch with us
  • The Monthly Activity Calender


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