IEC Services, Initiatives and Projects

Your contribution towards any of the below listed services/projects will be a gift to IEC community. Please donate generously.

Imam Sajjad Clinic

IEC’s Imam Sajjad Clinic provides free clinical services to the Houston community. The clinic is operated by volunteer health professionals and frequently hosts webinars and events on health-related topics.

COVID-19 Relief Program

The COVID-19 relief program was established to support the community members that were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Services offered under this program include unemployment assistance and financial relief (e.g., rent, utilities, etc.) to impacted community members.

IEC Restaurant

Please note that IEC Restaurant located at 2313 South Voss Rd will now be open in the evenings for food services and orders for the community, Insha’Allah. This includes orders for individual sales (single or small quantity) as well as Catering orders. We request community members to take advantage of this service and help support our operations and hard-working employees. Please make note of the hours of operation, weekly menu, and information on placing orders. For Catering food from IEC Cafeteria please call IEC Restuarant (713) 787-5000 x2031

IEC Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship Program offers eligible high school seniors and college freshmen the opportunity to apply for an IEC scholarship. The program currently distributes over $7,000/year to our Muslim youth with a target goal of $20,000.

Community Outreach and Dawah Program

IEC regularly hosts members of other faiths and participates in joint interfaith dialogues. We have a dedicated dawah team comprised of reverts and bilingual community members who engage with people of other faiths. IEC is also registered with the Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston.

Legal Matters Committee

IEC offers a legal advisory program led by the Legal Matters Committees (LMC) that provides guidance on and handling of legal affairs of the IEC community including protection of religious, civil, and other legal rights of IEC and its members.

Al-Hadi Sponsor-A-Student Program

Sponsor-A-Student Program is to help deserving Al-Hadi school families who like their children to get an education in an Islamic environment. This program allows you to sponsor or support a child’s monthly tuition expenses for any amount of your selection, with payments going directly to the school. We request community members to reach out to their friends and families to participate in this program.

Imam Jaffer-e-Sadiq Senior Citizen Program

The IEC has a dedicated team of senior citizens that host monthly discussions on Islamic topics. The team is comprised of our respected elders and offers the senior citizens an interactive and like-minded community. As the proverb states, “Bird of a feather flock together.”

MAHDI Group Food Distribution Program

The Muslim Alliance Helping Disadvantaged Individuals (“MAHDI”) is an Islamic charitable organization established in April 2008. MAHDI group is a volunteer-based, grassroots, charitable institution seeking to help the greater Houston community in need.

Funeral Services

The IEC offers full burial services to members of the community, including grave reservations, transportation and logistics, kafan and ghusl services, and burial ceremony under the guidance of our Resident Alim, Maulana Farhat Abbas.

Youth Activities and Sports Program

IEC has two active youth groups for different age groups, Al-Qasim, and Ansar Al-Hujjah, with the latter focusing on youth in high school and college and Al-Qasim primarily for elementary and middle school ages. There are numerous activities year-round to create a strong brother and sisterhood amongst our youth and to promote a healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually. Alhumdulilah since the fall of 2020 we have been able to fully utilize our brand new Al-Hadi facility to start our IEC Youth Sports program! With over 170 children and more than 15 dedicated coaches, we have year-round season-based leagues. Be sure to keep a lookout for the registration for our upcoming season!

Marriage Counselling Services
Marriage is a holy union in our religion. We recognize each marriage is unique and offer services to help couples grow together in faith and spirit. Our marriage counseling services are provided under the direction of Resident Alim Maulana Farhat Abbas who is dedicated to making each community member benefit from holy matrimony.
Event Reservation and Facility Rentals

The IEC extends the convenience of facility rentals at Voss and Richmond locations to its community members, offering affordable rates for a diverse range of events. Such events encompass wedding or nikkah receptions, Esal-e-Thawab majlises, birthday parties, and sports gatherings.