IEC is proud to be a youth-centered community where we look beyond the current generation to build the leaders of tomorrow who will serve the Imam of our time (ATFS). What starts at IEC changes the outlook of future generations. We at IEC go beyond expectations. Since the inception of IEC, we have become the powerhouse in education, been recognized by scholars to be one of the best communities in North America, and built a state of the art new facility to show our commitment to education. But we still have a long road ahead. Now that we have raised the bar on our expectations, where do we go from here? All these years, our goal has been consistent – the pursuit of excellence by investing in our future generations! Our strategy has been the same – synchronize our strength to provide a strong foundation to prepare the next generation of leaders for Houston and beyond.

IEC has established a scholarship program to encourage academically talented students to pursue higher education. We can all make an impact by supporting the students of our community. Your support will help fund scholarships and experiential learning opportunities. Community students who would like to pursue higher education are the lifeblood of the Houston community. By investing in scholarships, we will nurture and prepare the top talent for tomorrow’s challenge. Together, we will revolutionize our approach, thinking, the way we operate our centers, and much more. Your support will launch ideas into the greater world.

IEC counts all gifts toward the scholarship programs as gifts to IEC. We offer multiple options to give towards scholarship program.
Learn more about the application process, guidelines, and important deadlines. Applications open August 01.
Please recite Sura-e-Fatiha for the marhomeen of the scholarship contributors.


Hajera Begum and Syed Furrokh Meerza Memorial Scholarship.

This merit-based scholarship is to encourage hard work and spirit of competition among young adults of the community so that they may excel in academics, in their careers, and in becoming a role model for their peers.

Imam Ali Ilm Scholarship.

May this scholarship brings forth the cultivation of academic excellence, leadership, and to Inshallah become a beacon of light to guide our youth.

Mohammad Abbas and Zahida Khatoon Zaidi memorial Scholarship.

In memory of the parents of Nusrat Abbas Zaidi to support students with higher standing in their academic performance and have an interest in pursuing higher education in Science and technology.