Friday, 12 April 2024 / 03 Shawwal 1445

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

  • Fajr 05:35AM
  • Sunrise 06:58AM
  • Zuhr 01:23PM
  • Asr 05:58PM
  • Maghrib 08:05PM
  • Isha 08:50PM

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Friday, 12 April 2024 / 03 Shawwal 1445
  • Fajr 05:35AM
  • Sunrise 06:58AM
  • Zuhr 01:23PM
  • Asr 05:58PM
  • Maghrib 08:05PM
  • Isha 08:50PM

IEC is proud to be a youth-centered community looking beyond the current generation to build our future leaders who will serve the Imam of our time (ATFS). Our goal has been consistent: to pursue excellence by investing in our future generations! Our strategy has been to synchronize our strengths to facilitate a solid foundation to concoct the next generation of leaders.

Community students who strive to pursue higher education are the lifeblood of the Houston community. Therefore, we have established a scholarship program to encourage academically talented students to pursue higher education. We can all make an impact by supporting our community students. Join us by supporting the IEC Scholarship to help fund our youth’s scholarships and experiential learning opportunities.  Join us raising the bar and nurturing excellence for our top talent by investing in their higher education. Thank you for being so interested in the IEC Scholarship Program, and we certainly look forward to your support!

Congratulations to Our 2023 Scholarship Winners!

Islamic Education Center’s Scholarship Program has awarded $15,000 to 22 outstanding students for its 2022-23 scholarship program.  Please join us in congratulating our 2022-23 scholarship recipients!

  • Abeeha Haider
  • Abia Zehra Makkani
  • Agha Sadiq Mirza
  • Aman-Ali Master
  • Fatima Jaffri
  • Fatimah Ali
  • Fazeleh Al-Sadat Mirghassemi
  • Hadi Totonchian
  • Imran Ali Kader
  • Jawadhasan Hemani
  • Mirha Batool
  • Mishalle Fatima Ahmed
  • Mohammad-Reza Ali-Khan
  • Mohsin Hasan Hemani
  • Muhammad Mehdi Rizvi
  • Raaziya Fatema Amiri
  • Shanay-Abbas Soonasra
  • Wajeeh Jafry
  • Zainab Asghar
  • Zehra S. Rizvi
  • Zohair Haider Syed
  • Zohaw Hourshad

The IEC Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee would like to thank our generous sponsors who contributed to the IEC Scholarship Fund.

IEC counts all gifts toward the scholarship programs as gifts to IEC. We offer multiple options to give towards scholarship program.
Learn more about the application process, guidelines, and important deadlines.
Please recite Sura-e-Fatiha for the marhomeen of the scholarship contributors



Insha’Allah may this scholarship foster a culture of academic excellence and leadership among the recipients, so they inspire other students in our community.


This scholarship is in memory of the members of the Noorani family who have passed away.  The family recognizes the value of education and the positive change our students can bring in our society.


This scholarship is in the loving memory of the deceased family of Dhanji family (Talib), who feel strongly about promoting education in our community.


This merit-based scholarship encourages the spirit of hard work and perseverance among young adults of our community, so they may achieve academic excellence and serve as role models for their juniors.


In the loving memory of beloved community member, and a great lover of Ahl-ul-Bayt, the family of Late Zeeshan Taqvi is dedicating this scholarship to the deserving students of our community, with the hope and dua, that these students, through their hard work and perseverance, will serve the cause of our Imam (atfs) to bring peace and prosperity in the world.