Majalis for Aba Abdillah are being held for the first 12 nights of Muharram 1442 / 2020  in English, Urdu, and Farsi as follows:

1)LIVE stream at

2)Limited ONSITE attendance at our Voss Road location following registration:

a) indoor, inside the building
b) outdoor, in IEC parking garage with seating arrangements & audio and video.

3)DRIVE-IN at the next-door parking lot where attendees can participate from within their own car.


– Attendees must wear a CDC-recommended mask that fully covers both the mouth and nose area at ALL times, no exceptions
– Exercise Social distancing; 6-feet distance
– No handshakes or hugs
– Please follow all posted signs and cooperate with our volunteers

Specific Guidelines for Onsite Participation –

Both Indoor and Outdoor (open air):
1)Onsite Registration will begin at 7:45pm at the Voss location, and close once we meet our attendance target.
2)Only ages 9 to 65 are allowed for onsite attendance, we strongly recommend anyone between the age of 50 and 65 for outdoor seating.
3)Please arrive early and allow time for registration. Once we meet our onsite attendance target, attendees will be directed back to their cars to attend through the “Drive-In” option.
4)All attendees should park in the next-door parking lot, guided by volunteers.
5)Registration team will conduct a temperature check and screening. Once that is complete, you will be registered with your preference/option of the session (language) and location (indoor or outdoor) you would like to attend (space permitting) and given a color-coded wristband for that day.
6)Once you are registered, please proceed to your seating location (indoor or outdoor) guided by our volunteers.
7)Please perform wudhoo at home prior to attending, use of restrooms should be limited unless for emergencies.
8)If you plan to join during Salaat, please bring your prayer mat and mohr.
9)Upon completion of the majlis, or if you need to leave early, our volunteers will guide attendees back to the exit in a socially distancing manner.
10)Tabarruk will be distributed at the exit.

Specific Guidelines for Next-Door Participation:

1)No registration required for this option, cars will be allowed to come in as long as we have space available.
2)Please arrive into the next-door parking lot, our volunteers will guide you on where to park. See below map for drive-in format.
3)Daily majlis will start at 8:45pm with Ziyarat-e-Ashura.
4)Audio transmission of live majalis will be through FM radio (details will be provided upon arrival). A large screen will project the speech (Urdu and English).
5)All drive-in participants should stay in their cars throughout the majlis. Please note that once the majlis starts, you may not be able to leave until completion of the speech.
6)Tabarruk will be distributed to all attendees in their cars.
7)Please follow the direction of our volunteers during Exit.

Your cooperation with our volunteers is essential and will be greatly appreciated in order for us to safely conduct majalis, insha’Allah. May Allah (swt) accept the participation and efforts of all mo’mineen in these days of Aza and keep us safe and bless all gatherings that congregate in the name of Aba Abdillah (as).